Let’s Take Care of Your Fleet

Safety and monitoring solutions in fleet operations.

We draw from more than 25 years of industry leadership to create smart innovative solutions that truly help solve our customers’ challenges. Through the years, we have been involved in the development, marketing and distribution of these technical automotive solutions and interacted with various stakeholders in the industry who have contributed greatly to where we stand today.

The company’s product portfolio includes Digital speed limiters, Vehicle tracking devices, Fuel Monitoring systems which are all continuously improved to suit and meet the demands of our clients.

QUALITY ASSURANCE Committed to high quality standards

We view Quality as an essential company framework to gain competitive advantage as well as reinforcing and enhancing the company’s reputation and image.

Why Choose Saferider?

From installation, to training, to implementing and the use of our products and platforms, our team of experts is there in every step of the way to ascertain success.


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Our Services Areas of expertise

Transportation Management Systems

Intelligent routing solutions built on our comprehensive location platform

Last Mile Service and Delivery

Solve the last mile problem by enabling location services from Saferider

Roadsmart Fleet Management

Innovative fleet management solutions powered by location intelligence.


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